Rakugo Release 3.2.1 RC1

This update have some fixes and first Point&Click game feature.

Why RC1?

Everything work as should I just marked it as RC1 because I started to working on new tutorial added to template. That will be also a showcase of all features that will be in feature downloadable separately as exported exe or putted as HTML5 demo to encourage more people to use it. But I don’t have enough time finish it yet, so this is reason for RC1 in version.

Fixed bugs:

  • quitting froze game
  • going further in dialogues sometimes doesn’t work
  • custom icons for Rakugo’s nodes now works

New features:

  • added MouseBody2D node as work around for not working mouse input on Area2D
  • added AreaButton2D (to be used with MouseBody2D) to easy crate clickable areas (like in point&click games)

Here is tutorial how to use this new features

to make it easier to mix Rakugo with other game genres mechanics:

  • now Rakugo attach current scene to Viewport
  • now, by default, DialoguePanel is hidden until is called by Dialogue node

To update 3.2.0 unpack Rakugo_3.2.1_update.zip and add highlight to map inputs (to for example F1 key).

To test point_n_click_example.zip unpack it into Rakugo 3.2.1 project and play using Play Scene option.


Rakugo 3.2.1 RC1
Dec 02, 2020

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