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Inspired by Ren’Py, Rakugo is a project aiming to provide a way to make narrative-based games on Godot easily. Simplify your project, if it is a visual novel, point and click, RPG, interactive text game or many other styles and blends of styles.

Here is Project github: https://github.com/rakugoteam

Please consider joining the official team.

If your game uses Rakugo write to me on Discord.

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If your game uses Rakugo, tell us on Discord.


To install Rakugo plugin, download it as a ZIP archive. Extract the addons/Rakugo folder into your project folder. Then, enable the plugin in project settings and restart Godot-Engine.

If you want to know more about installing plugins you can read the official documentation page.

Rakugo Addons


Q: So it's about adding a refined writing and dialogue system to the engine? A: Yes, and more - nodes, objects and funcs to make easy to provide mechanics like in point&click and rpgs.

Q: As a scenarist, what would I gain from using Rakugo over Ren'Py or Twine ? A: It is made as godot addon - you can use all godot features. You can make your game 2d, 2.5d or 3d - you can only 2d in Ren'Py. You can easy add minigames or mix it with other game genre. It will have mechanics for point&click games and rpgs - Ren'Py and Twine are only for vn. This project's dialog functions can do more than Ren'Py equivalents.

Q: How does the project interact with the engine ? A: For now this project is a singleton and a collection of special nodes. There is also gui include in example project that is connected with the project and has all functions like in a Ren'Py game.

Q: Is it easy to use ? A: For now it is not that easy as I want it to be, but I am working to make it use RakuScript (this project's own language) and visual script.


If you want to help please write to us on our Discord.


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Ahh this looks amazing, I can't wait to try it out once I've started my visual novel project! I've been looking for a way to make visual novels in godot and this seems like the perfect solution for someone who has no experience making games. 


Thanks, if you have more questions or need help join my discord: https://discord.gg/K9gvjdg Now I’m working fixing bugs and new features for next release - probably in this month.

I downloaded "The Question" to try it out. But the text doesn't display after a dialogue choice ?

Way godot works it makes that first time it load Rakugo plugin it load it in bad way. So try reopen project. I will look it to that, but it should works. Do you have any error messages ?

I'm using Godot 3.2.3
I reopened the project, the plugin is working.
There is no error message when the game is playing.

It should work, there is every thing fine with Rakugo it self, probably there is some error in the question it self. I will check it.

Now it fixed in new release :D Rakugo 3.1.1